“My job as a makeup artist is not just to make you look good; it’s to make you feel good.”

Rusty’s philosophy says a lot about who he is as a person and an artist.  Not only is he trying to make every face as beautiful as possible, he is trying to make every MIND just a beautiful.  This is what separates him from other makeup artists out there.  He makes a TRUE connection with you, drawing out who you really are, allowing him to provide you with the most appropriate and flattering look for you!  And when it comes to makeup for photography, magazines, television, etc.; Rusty’s love and knowledge of his art comes through every time, effortlessly!  He has an innate ability to sense what needs to be done, and does it, like an intuition.

This amazing artist grew up in a small town in Virginia with small town values and lofty dreams of working in computers!!  After starting college and studying computer networking, Rusty began playing with makeup for drag shows and eventually landed a position with MAC cosmetics.  This led to a major decision; once out of college, no more computers.  Finding something you LOVE and making a living from it is the dream of most people, and the only TRUE way to be successful.  And that’s exactly what Rusty has done.

In the business of photography/fashion/weddings/beauty, people want to work with people they trust and can work with well, and who can give them the images they want.  This is RUSTY, to a T!  Always punctual, always available, always open to changes, and always willing to work with anyone and everyone, Rusty has the goods to get any job done…  with ease!